Sunday, 22 January 2012

Special senses

First listen to the presentation: special senses

1. In addition to sight what are the four other special senses?

ANSWER: hearing, smell, taste, touch

2. What four structures of the eye does light pass through to reach the retina?

ANSWER: cornea; aqueous humour; lens; vitreous humour

3. What four types of light do the pigments in the photoreceptor cells (rod and cones) detect?

ANSWER: red; green; blue; monchorome

4. What is the first structure that a sound wave comes into contact with when it passes through the external ear, and what are the three ossicles of the ear called?

ANSWER: ear drum (tympanic membrane); maleus, incus, stapes

5. What do the four sense organs of the skin sense?

ANSWER: touch; pain; heat; pressure

6. Which part of the tongue sense taste? What are the three tastes?

ANSWER: taste buds; sweet, sour, salty

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  1. Hello Roger,
    I really like your blog and would like permission to use some of the pictures for my ESL students as I present the 'SENSES' topic 1st Term 2014 Victoria Australia.